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Blanca’s House relies upon the generosity of donors for some or all of their funding. Consequently, fundraising is an activity of major importance to us. It strengthens our ability to fulfill our mission over time, and enhances our ability to have a positive impact on lives and communities.

Individual donations, fundraising events, raffles, business contributions help us to continue funding the clinic in Ecuador and Blanca’s Kids, as well as purchase needed supplies and equipment.

Blanca’s House is venturing into another fundraising platform. We are in the process of developing an extensive “crowd-funding” campaign to be launched this summer….  and we need you help!  As a volunteer and/or supporter, we need YOUR words sharing  YOUR experiences and stories as part of our  Blanca’s House family. With your heartfelt comments, we will be able to share your personal stories with potential donors who we have not reached thus far.

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The clinic is ever-changing….a work in progress…  Your generosity has made the remodeling and the first two Operating Rooms a reality!  We now have a dedicated medication and supply space, doors separating Pre-op, and PACU from the clinic area, new electrical wiring, and air-conditioning.




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All proceeds of this event will be donated to Blanca’s House. Blanca’s House is a non-profit volunteer-only organization that arranges for health care professionals to spend time helping care for people who would otherwise have no access to modern health care.

If you would like to donate merchandise, gifts cards, memorabilia etc. please contact
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All checks can be mailed to: 19 Thornridge Ln. South Setauket, NY 11720

Make checks payable to Blanca’s House Corporation

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September 2014 Medical Mission

– General surgery: lap chole (laparoscopic gall bladder surgery) and hernia
– Plastic surgery: cleft lip and palate and burn sequelae, as well as syndactyly/polydactyly surgeries
– Orthopedic surgery: knee arthroscopy (torn meniscus only)

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Our Last Day

Yesterday was our last full day here in Ecuador! We worked at the clinic in Guayaquil and the hospital in Babahoyo for the day and then went off to do some exploring around the city!

With the help of our wonderful translators we went to El Malecon and a market.  It was great to see some of Ecuador’s culture!

At night we had a closing party at the hotel which was a nice way to end our trip and watch a slideshow of all our work this week!

We are getting ready to close out of our rooms and end what has been a wonderful trip for all! Thank you to Blanca’s House and all involved!

Day Three!


Hello All!

Today we split up into two teams- sending a team to the clinic in Guayaquil and a team to the hospital in Babahoyo.

The clinic team saw an enormous amount of pediatric patients today! We were fortunate enough to send each of them home with a goody bag after their visit (special thanks to all of our sponsors and donations!). There were also many general medicine, surgical screening, and OB-GYN patients.

One special case we saw today was a 13 year old girl who was developmentally delayed.  We were extremely inspired by her mother who has been working with her daughter as her “physical therapist”.  At birth, she was told her child would not walk, run, jump, etc.  However, as a very strong and determined women, the mother was able to create exercises for her daughter to do which has enabled her to walk, run, jump, and play just liked other children.  It was such a blessing to witness such dedication and perseverance! We were all very impressed by the mothers ability to help her daughter achieve things that were at one point unimaginable.

In Babahoyo, the surgical team saw seven cases today.  Upon rounding on the post-op patients everything was going very smoothly and many patients were sent home, with several others spending the night since they lived too far from the hospital to return for a follow up the next morning.  The surgical team also spent time examining a teenage girl for orthodontic work for a possible future project.

Tomorrow is our last day at the clinic and hospital.  It is hard to believe that we will be back in the United States before we know it! We are looking forward to spending a little time in the city and celebrating with dinner tomorrow night after we finish for the day!

Be sure to check out the photos from today!


Day Two in Guayaquil

Hello Again!

Today we were extremely excited for our second full day in the clinic and hospital, especially after a good nights rest! We had a hearty breakfast at the Oro Verde and were on our way by 8AM!

At the clinic we continued to screen patients and admit them to the various specialty rooms.  We saw over 150 patients today!

One of our most memorable patients was a 37 year old man from Guayaquil who presented with a hernia.  He was very concerned about his hernia, but more so concerned about having surgery to fix it.  He had several friends who had passed away from infections due to hernia surgeries, and as the only provider for his family of 8 our patient was scared that he would not survive the surgery therefore leaving behind his wife and children.  Fortunately, Dr. Hoffmann, PA students, and the translators were able to reassure our patient that the Blancas House providers are top-notch surgeons and have an excellent record of past surgeries both in South America and in the United States.  The patient was tremendously grateful and will be scheduled for surgery for the September mission trip.  It was amazing to see Blancas House helping a whole family, by helping one patient.

We just finished swapping stories about our fantastic experiences and are off to get a good nights rest for an early start tomorrow!





Hello Everyone!

As you saw in our last post we have arrived safely in Guayaquil, Ecuador and have officially started our mission!

To catch you up– Majority of us met at Mather Hospital in Port Jefferson, a few met us at JFK, and several members from our team met us in Ecuador! After a great red-eye flight we landed in Guayaquil at 4AM and rushed off to the hotel to have a quick shower, breakfast, and meeting.  Around 8:30AM we were set and off to the clinic and the hospital in Babahoyo!

At the clinic we split up into teams between the screening room, OB-GYN, Pediatrics, General Medicine, and EKG/Surgical. We were overwhelmed by the amount of enthusiasm and energy the people of Ecuador brought to us! We saw over 100 patients in various specialties today!

After talking with many of our patients we found that while many of them came to the clinic from the local city of Guayaquil, there were also a large number of patients who came far distances with their whole family to seek the help of Blanca’s House. No matter where they were from, the common word of the day was “Gracias!”  The patients, thankful for our medical services; and the providers thankful for the stories, laughs, dance parties, and opportunity to practice medicine!

Feel free to check out our Flickr account for pictures from the first 24 hours of our trip, and more to come each day! For now… time to relax a bit at the Oro Verde hotel and get ready for another early start!



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